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Brent, Mike and Sperry (the boss)

Brent, Mike and Sperry (the boss)


The Inspiration...

After nearly two decades of wine tastings and vacations from New York City and San Francisco, we decided to become residents and experience Napa full time. And while much of the greatness we expected, so much more was revealed in both surprising and subtle ways.  Napa is truly an agricultural town that prides itself on a strong relationship with Mother Nature and each other. There is a great deal of community and character that fuels the culture here, much more than wine alone.  The valley is also entering an era of considerable growth producing exciting new ventures in all areas, yet striving to keep its valuable heritage intact.  Our goal is to help tell the story and share the journey. 

So, we're not here to be critics or experts. Hopefully just worthy raconteurs who will help folks discover a more interesting side of Napa and experience things that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle of guidebooks or be missed in haste.  

Cheers to many great visits.  

- Mike & Brent

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