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You don't have to live in wine country to enjoy the best of wine, food and entertaining in your home.  Here we want to share our hand-picked finds in helping you do so.  Enjoy!

True frozé ready to please on a hot afternoon ( Photo: Brent Pennington, The 29 Napa )

True frozé ready to please on a hot afternoon (Photo: Brent Pennington, The 29 Napa)

Did someone say frosé?!

Hot temps call for ice cold drinks.  Here's a cooling take on a trending wine... rosé.  Find out what makes this simple, refreshing and delicious frosé different from from the rest. 

Nothing says summer like "pink water", watermelon and limoncello.  The sweet citrus liquor brightens the rosé while the watermelon adds a refreshing element.  


(Makes 4-6 servings)

2 bottles of rosé

3-4 cups frozen watermelon

4 ounces limoncello 

Mint for garnish


Do Ahead -  Pour 1 bottle of rosé into ice-cube trays and freeze for 6 hours to 8 hours or up to 1 week. It will be somewhat slushy due to the alcohol content. Chill the 2nd bottle of rosé.  Cube a watermelon (preferably seedless) and place in a freezer bag for at least 6 hours. NEVER use plain ice cubes in place of frozen rosé.

Instructions - Add the frozen rosé, watermelon, limoncello, and 2 cups of chilled rosé from the 2nd bottle into the blender.  Blend until completely smooth. Divide into glasses and garnish with mint.  

Tips - Frozen strawberries can be subsituted. This frosé can be made ahead. Store in the freezer and reblend when ready to serve.  This drink goes fast, have enough prepped for a 2nd round.