Mike Casey

Wine Country Holiday Gift Guide

Mike Casey
 Wine Country Holiday Gift Guide

There's much more than wine from Napa to give to those you adore this holiday season.  The following is a hit list of finds to help you tackle your holiday shopping and share some of the best wine country has to offer with your friends and family. 


1) Amanda Wright Pottery - Ever since we discovered Amanda's great pieces at the Napa Farmers' Market, they've been a staple on our table and shelves.  We're especially excited over her new "Servitude" series which is such a fresh and bold take on traditional pottery forms.   Shop here



2) Poor House - We're always concerned when visiting Poor House for fear of how much we'll walk out with but their curation of home design is so unique and artful, there's a find every time.  Whether you're looking for a small accent or big statement piece, Poor House has you covered.   Shop here



3) Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing - Like wine, there's many olive oil producers out there but when it's done right with Italian heritage, the results are amazing and you can taste the difference. Our kitchen is always stocked with Napa Valley Olive Oil including their equally impressive balsamic vinegars (we love their espresso style on bruschetta).   Shop here



Shed - Walk into Shed and you're not sure what to explore or enjoy first, whether it's the culinary cafe, market or fermentation bar - all are sure to please.  We picked up a great pair of Japanese bud shears at their St. Helena Winter Market pop-up.  Shop here




New West Knife Works - There's no shortage of knives to choose from today but none quite like the G-Fusion. The artful and indestructible handles are made from layers of colorful fiberglass and "powder metal steel" blades give you a lifetime precision tool.  Visit their store in St. Helena and you can also practice some ax throwing! Shop here



 Whole Spice - Salt can seem like a simple ingredient until you discover a whole world of tasty incarnations of this kitchen staple exist. We typically have no less than 10 stocked at any point in time, both for cooking and cocktails - amazing how a few pinches of something special can set a dish apart. Shop here



In the Moment Creative - We first discovered Julie's great work at the Napa Farmers' Market which now proudly hangs in our kitchen. She has a wide array of wine country inspired work from landscape vistas to her new "hardware" series.  Shop here

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Beyond the Label - If you want to give the ultimate wine country gift, one can't beat a curated private tour with Napa native, Doug White. Every tour is bespoke based on your wine profile and all visits are private and exclusive, so you're sure to have memorable experiences only accessible to local VIP's.  Shop here

Beyond the Label Tour ( Photo: Mike Casey, The 29 Napa )

Beyond the Label Tour (Photo: Mike Casey, The 29 Napa)


Robert Sinskey Vineyards - What's better than a winery tasting? One that is paired with culinary treats prepared onsite with an in-house chef and locally sourced provisions.  Whether you choose the Perfect Circle Tour or the indulgent Chef's Table option, you're sure to have an incredible pairing experience. Shop here



Culinary Classes @ CIA Copia - This series has been a hit since the doors opened last year. The classes range from culinary to wine education and also vary in depth, so you can find the perfect experience for family and friends.  Shop here



Hope this helped cross a few names off your shopping list! 

Cheers and Happy Holidays,

-Mike Casey // The 29